Find Your Ideal Ministry

“Don’t get stuck doing ministry you haven’t been Chosen, Appointed and Planted by God to do!”

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“Practical Teaching and Powerful Interviews With Saints In The Pews Just Like You Who Can Help You Find Your Ideal Ministry As You Listen In and Learn From Their Personal Experiences….Some Things Never Revealed Until Now!”

Listen each week as Robin Kegler, The Wearing The Right C.A.P. Coach(tm) gives you practical, interactive and applicable tips to help you identify your primary area gift stream (PAGS(c)) and where you fit in ministry. It doesn’t matter if it’s at home, in your local assembly or in the marketplace.

Robin interviews leaders and everyday saints just like you who have taken the ground breaking Wearing The Right C.A.P. Five Fold Ministry PAGS Assessment and Marketplace Ministry PAGS Assessments. Listen in and learn how their lives have changed or have been empowered after taking the assessments because they know where they fit.

You can have more personal fulfillment and spiritual empowerment doing what you do best to impact your world for the Kingdom of God too!

Click on the podcast list below and listen in on your next episode now! Come back each week for a new episode.

Special Invitation: Join in a live Find Your Ideal Ministry Podcast. Click on the ‘Be A Guest…” link on the right or call, 1-888-256-9971 Ext 3. Then follow the 2 easy steps in the recorded message 24/7.



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