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“Don’t get stuck doing ministry you haven’t been Chosen, Appointed and Planted by God to do!”

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About Robin

Robin PhotoWho In The Kingdom Is Robin Kegler?

Prior to discovering her primary area gift stream (PAGS(c)), Robin Kegler, The Wearing The Right C.A.P. Coach(tm), was a prime candidate for burnout every year. In fact for five (5) straight summers she had major burnout because she kept saying, “Yes.” “Yes, I can do that.” “Yes, no problem.” But it really was a problem. Not because she couldn’t do what was asked, but because of so may interests and abilities, Robin was stretched thin on a regular basis!

Here’s Robin’s story in her own words…including a very important discovery that has changed everything.

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself, “Where do I fit God? I’ve done a lot of things, but what do you really want me to do?.”

About seven years ago I deliberately started to examine my contribution to the Body of Christ. I asked God a specific question:

“God, what plans do you have in mind for me that would impact the Kingdom and give me both spiritual and personal fulfillment?”

An Important Discovery

My search led to an important discovery about my “right C.A.P.”-my chosen, appointed and planted place God had for me before I was even born. The place I had the most satisfaction flowed from one particular ministry gift area consistently throughout my whole life, not just since I’ve had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. When given the chance to fully express myself through that gift area, ‘fruit has remained’ and continues to flourish today.

For over 15 years I’ve served as a ministry leader (Sunday School Supt., Youth Pastor, School of Ministry Instructor, Training and Development, Fine Arts, Media, etc) and as an ordained elder since 1996.

I remember the Saturday morning a little over 3 years ago when I was on my way to the post office. As I turned into the parking lot, I clearly heard the Holy Spirit say, “Don’t see yourself as just a teacher, but as a coach.” It caught me a little off guard because I’ve been teaching, training, recruiting and mentoring others over half my life. My struggle was whether others would receive me as a coach. What I would understand later is that coaching is an extension of my primary area gift stream.

“Confirming Where I Fit In Ministry”

My primary five fold ministry gift area is teaching. Coaching added another dimension of expressing who I was in the earth. One year before the post office event, I started taking professional coach training classes and was completing the certification process. That’s when I felt my C.A.P. start to shrink. Here’s why…

1) I had so many interests and was unsure about how to harness and package them in a way that would transform lives doing something in the world that was joyful and expansive.

2) I needed to focus on the one C.A.P. and tap the stream that produced the greatest results. I call the streams, primary area gift streams(c).

Over the last two years the lessons learned, challenges overcome and times of personal meditation, reflection and research, has given me insight, greater understanding and specific keys about being chosen, appointed and planted to be Christ in the world and fully living the abundant, overcoming life through Christ’s power.

“You Have A Chosen, Appointed and Planted Place To Impact Your World!”

Did you know that you and every believer has been Chosen, Appointed and Planted (C.A.P.) to make a difference and be the difference in the world?

In 2005, I had the opportunity to speak at a mid week service at my church and revealed for the first time the importance of pursuing the right C.A.P….the place where you are chosen appointed and planted by God to flourish. Shortly after that presentation, God continued to speak, bringing greater clarity to Wearing The Right C.A.P.(tm).

In the same year my senior pastors wanted a tool to help ministry leaders identify where they fit in ministry. I volunteered to do it.

The Wearing The Right C.A.P. Five Fold Ministry Assessment(c) was created prayerfully and under the direction of the Holy Spirit.

I was also blessed to be able to

>>Pull on the teachings and leadership of Bishop Ralph L. Dennis, my spiritual covering.

>>The organizational structure of my church is based on the five fold ministry model. I served as Chief Elder of Teaching for six years, prior to stepping down in 2005 to focus on Wearing TheRight C.A.P.(tm).

>>My graduate studies at Regent University also included course work on the ascension gifts.

The Wearing The Right C.A.P.(tm) Assessments(c) for both ministry leaders and saints in the pews has had a 96% accuracy rate since June, 2005…identifying your right place and right assignment in the earth in less than 30 minutes.

I’m very excited about the assessment for the marketplace because that is the field the majority of saints spend their time and can make the greatest impact for the Kingdom of God.

“So What’s My Assignment?”

My assignment is to help you Wear The Right C.A.P.. You can know where you fit, will prosper and have the greatest personal fulfillment and spiritual empowerment to impact “your world” for the Kingdom of God.

Every time I’m given the opportunity to share the insights and wisdom I’ve received from God about Wearing The Right C.A.P.(tm) in churches, on college campuses, in the community and corporate arena, I am impacting my world for Christ! There is no greater pleasure!


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