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“Don’t get stuck doing ministry you haven’t been Chosen, Appointed and Planted by God to do!”

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Ministry Leaders and Everyday Saints In The Pews…

“Don’t get stuck doing ministry you haven’t been chosen, appointed and planted by God to do!”

“At Your Finger Tips In The Next 15 Minutes…Practical Teaching and Powerful Interviews With Saints In The Pews Just Like You Who Can Help You Find Your Ideal Ministry As You Listen In and Learn From Their Personal Experiences….Some Things Never Revealed Until Now!”

In half the time it takes to watch your favorite sitcom, Robin Kegler, The Wearing The Right C.A.P. Coach ™ guides you along your journey of uncovering your primary area gift stream (PAGS(c)) to identify where you fit in ministry.

Is it the Marketplace? Home? Your Local Assembly?

Let the Find Your Ideal Ministry Podcasts personally speak to you. If you’re tired of the frustration of not knowing where you fit in ministry and want to do more for God but don’t know how, your answer is only 15 minutes away.

Fifteen minutes away from more…

>>personal fulfillment
>>spiritual empowerment and
>>making a greater impact in ‘your world’ for the Kingdom of God

Get started here…

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